JuicyByAnnie: Mook – All We Got (Video)

Providence, Rhode Island breeds some of the most talented artist that I’ve personally been such a fan of. Some of the artist do a great job at showcasing that although we are small, we still go through struggles and at the same time overcome the obstacles. A new artist that I came across by the name of Mook, does a great job shedding light on the city of Providence with his talents.

Mook is a 27-year-old hip-hop artist out of Providence, Rhode Island. Growing up in both the West End and South Side of Providence, faceing the consequences of systemic poverty, violence and murder, Mook escaped the phenomena of the victimizing streets with aspirations in music. The self-motivated rapper took experiences from his hometown and inspirations from late 90’s /early millennial culture, to craft a distinguishing, charismatic and hard-hitting sound through his music. Creating buzz around his city, Mook has delivered numerous well-received projects that have built both credibility and respect amongst many today. Since then, Mook has established Rubberband Entertainment and Fast Willie Productions, an indie-record label supporting the establishment of local artists. Currently, Mook is working alongside Crack Boy to prepare his self-produced EP due for release atop of the new year.

Mook gives us a first look at his upcoming “All We Got” EP. Directed by John Greene, “All We Got” is presented by a solo and chill performance with a smooth wordplay on real life situations. Usually drawn first by the production, producer Crack Boy does a dope job at making it flow with the message being portrayed.

Stay tuned for Mook’s EP releasing some time in the near future, and check out the dope visuals to “All We Got” below!

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