JuicyByAnnie: JMSN – Cruel Intentions

After recently chatting it up with Michigan singer/song-writer JMSN (Jameson), I was able to connect with the artist a bit as well as get some inside scoop! Tomorrow, March 1st, he will be announcing tour dates and he’ll be making his way to the east coast. Just hours ago I received some info on his forthcoming album as well as the artwork to go along with it. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to listen to some tunes just yet, but, he was generous enough to share. (Thanks homie!)

Cruel Intentions is the new single delivering some of his amazing vocals along with smooth instrumental vibes. His new album, “It Is”, is set to release May 6th! So looking forward to it from the sounds of his single.

Check out this amazing joint down below and make sure to pre-order ‘It Is’ as well as his single Cruel Intentions now available on iTunes!

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