JuicyByAnnie: Elhae – HLV (HoustaLantaVegas)

Elhae, pronounced LA, has been getting a lot of support from old and new fans lately. This artist based out of Atlanta dropped his EP ‘Aura’ at the beginning of this year and as a token of appreciation as he works on a new project while selling out his first headline show in London, he decided to drop a new track. Inspired by Drake’s ‘So Far Gone’ mixtape, Elhae decided to sample one of my favorites, ‘HoustAtlantaVegas’ and names it ‘HoustaLantaVegas’ or ‘HLV’. Adding his own smooth flow to this track, he also adds some production by Keyzbaby making it his own. Have to give huge credit to all the Selection mixes I listen to for putting me on to Elhae.

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