JuicyByAnnie: Code Green – Too Silly (Remix) Ft. King Mez

Rhode Island’s very own trio is back with a remix to one of our favorite turn up tracks. With their upcoming project, The 7 Day Trip coming our way, it was only right to get their fans excited for what the group will dive into. The ‘Too Silly’ remix features its original sound with Evo, the trio member that wasn’t on the original, and a fired up verse by up and coming artist King Mez.

Here’s a little bit of what Code Green had to say about the track:

“The original record was very special and we wanted to give it a new life. Mez has always loved the song and has always been a big supporter of us. So Mez was able take the original concept and share his side of the story. And Evo wasn’t on the original record, so he was able to bring his vibes to the remix also. Overall it was great refresh for the song and just a fun experience in general.”

Listen and share below!

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