JuicyByAnnie: Code Green – ‘7 Day Trip’ (EP Review)

As you all know, Rhode Island trio took us on a ‘7 Day Trip’ a little over a week ago, a trip that I don’t want to end any time soon. After waiting approximately two years for this project to drop, I think it’s safe to say that it was worth the wait. Code Green set the tone for this trip when they released the first single to the EP, “Too Silly” in 2014 which was by far one of the greatest turn up joints to drop that summer, hands down. “Too Silly” was such a hit that the trio decided to drop a remix with up and coming artist, King Mez. Being able to watch the process and watch Code Green grow, I knew something special was to come with ‘7 Day Trip’ and after sitting with the project for a while now, here’s what I thought about it.

When you read a title like ‘7 Day Trip’, you expect to go on a dope ass trip no matter how it’s portrayed, as long as you’re having a good time. Code Green gave me just that with the intro, “Nights in LA”. From the production given to us by Y4Nazareth, to the vibes narrated in the lyrics, the trio made it clear that making this trip from a small city in Rhode Island to nights around the palm trees in LA, was like stumbling on a high, for sure. They turn up the pace a little bit transitioning into “Too Silly”, the ultimate party track. Every single time I hear this track, I can picture every single crew at the function singing the chorus in unison, “Oh man this sh*t too silly, woo!”. This reminds me, what I love more about the twists CG gives to their tracks is their versatility. Kenny and ER always deliver with the relatable bars, but then here comes Evo killing it with the vocals just like he did at the end of this one. We now go into my favorite track in the entire project, “Luv & Vibe” produced by NYQuill, and I couldn’t thank him any more for the production on this joint. Everything about this song is just absolutely fire! Might just have to let this one speak for itself. At this point I’m telling myself, can this project get any better? CG slows it down with “Irregular” as things start getting real for the trio on this ‘7 Day Trip’. Things aren’t as regular as they used to be, and the motto is making shit work until things get better but, there isn’t turning back. Speaking of not turning back, “Damn, I Took Too Many!” comes in giving us the trippy psychedelic feel we love about the CG boys. Here, they are talking about a different type of trip but it wouldn’t be a CG track if they didn’t take us on one. On “Wild Wild West” they are coming to terms with the accomplishments and being comfortable letting whoever it is taking this trip with them that, they got that. The CG boys have made it to the end of their trip, to the point of no return. “Estranged” is leaving the past in the past and letting everyone know that no matter what they “gotta run this sh*t yeah” and there’s no other way to do it.

Overall, Code Green’s ‘7 Day Trip’ has to be one of my favorite EP’s to have dropped in 2016 and we’re at the end of it, that says a lot. It was so well produced and an amazing collaborative effort within the trio. They definitely set the bar for other up and coming artist and creatives who are putting out projects, and that speaks volumes.

If you haven’t listened to ‘7 Day Trip’ make sure you do so on iTunes and Spotify!

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