JuicyByAnnie: Baauer ft. AlunaGeorge & Rae Sremmurd – One Touch

Baauer just recently announced his new EP under Lucky Me entitled ‘ß’. For the first track released off this EP, Baauer teams up with southern duo Rae Sremmurd and U.K. artist/producer AlunaGeorge giving us amazing vocals on ‘One Touch’. Here are some words from Baauer himself:
“I recorded Aluna over a year ago, when we first met…The track I gave her was so basic and had no chord progression or anything so she said ‘you gotta give me something to work with’ and made that the intro. I held on to the track for a while and changed it about 1000 times. Fast forward about a year, I was in Vegas with Swae and Slim (Rae Sremmurd) recording them rapping over the GTA V loading screen song. It was incredible. The next night, back in New York, I put the Aluna and Rae verses together just for fun… and it sounded reaal good. :D”

Make sure you look forward his EP releasing November 4th!

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