JMSN – Alone (Video)

While At 5.0 A Few Nights Ago, You Know Everywhere A Group Of Young Minorities Meet Up Three Things Will Always Be Discussed No Matter What; Music, Sports & Relationships. I Usually Try To Stay Away From That Reltionship Sh*t, Don’t None Of Us Know What The Hell We’re Talking About, But To Make A Long Story Short, The Homey Brose (If You Haven’t Already, Be Sure To Read His Guest Blog, Hilarious/Awkward As Hell) Put Me On To This Artist Named JMSN, Who Is & I Quote “The Slightly Better Version Of The Weeknd w/ Better Production & You Can Actually Understand What He’s Saying.” Of Course I Wouldn’t Go That Far To Believing That But Regardless, The Guy Is Really Dope. I Listened To His †Priscilla† Project For The First Time Last Night & Was Really Impressed So I Decided To Post My One Of Favorite Cuts From The Album, He’s Still Not Better Than The Weeknd Though. But Anyways, Shouts To Brose For The New Music That I Can Cut My Wrist To, John Mayer Wasn’t Cutting It Anymore, Get It? Cutting It? No? Aight…….

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