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JLo Celebrates Her 47th Birthday in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Or does it get recorded on Kim K’s snapchat? Either way, we all got a chance to see who JLo partied with on her birthday.

However, we’re all aware of her great music and signature style but let’s just take the time to acknowledge what she wore last night. Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 47th birthday wearing a Balmain SS16 Mesh Panel Jumpsuit. She is literally aging like fine wine and there’s no doubt about it.


This pop icon also spent her birthday weekend with reality star Kim Kardashian-West, Fench Montana and rumor has it that Calvin Harris was in attendance lip syncing some of Kanye West hit songs! — Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? Could this add more fuel to that West vs Swift internet feud? Yes? No? Okay, back to business.

Happy Birthday, JLo!

From S4TB we wish you a much more, xo.

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