It’s “New Year, New Me” Season (By: Jessica Mardi)

Time for that “new year, new me ” bullshit

With less than a week left in 2016. We are bound to see the “new year, new me ” posts on every social media platform and the eye rolls that come after reading them. In the words of one of my dear friends “Shut your filthy mouth (Haitian accent).” “New year, New Me” is just an excuse for pure laziness.  Let’s wait for January 1st to finally do something that we’ve been waiting to do all year. I believe there are some positive and negative things that can come out of this phrase.

One positive thing is that it is a new year and you want to start fresh by keeping old baggage in the past. There’s good and bad and when there’s positive there’s negative. Here’s the negative. You’re baggage isn’t just going to clear up on January 1st. You’re not going to just wake up on 01/01 with all your problems gone. It’s just not realistic, but what is realistic, is getting you some goals… and I mean real goals. We all know that everyone wants to be healthy and in shape. So in January everyone gets a gym membership but by March the gym is empty. New you, right? Wrong. There is nothing new about you because you’re doing the same thing you did last year. I’m not here to put anyone down because I was in the “new year, new me” club, but I wrote some guidelines on how not be that person.

1. Get You Some Goals

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Write some goals and stick to them. Short term and long term goals. It can be losing weight, traveling, saving money or getting over a fuckboy. Write them down and make a checklist.

2. Don’t Procrastinate

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Get your lazy ass up and do something. Procrastinating will be the death of everyone. It’s easier to say I’m going to do this than actually doing it. Tomorrow becomes two weeks and two weeks become next year. Get up and do the work. Nothing is going to come out of being lazy.

3. Be realistic

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Be honest with yourself and with your goals.  Ask yourself questions, know why you want to do this and if you’re really going to stick by it. Be realistic with weight loss, saving money each week or even losing feelings for someone. Be honest with yourself.

I see some amazing things happen in Providence because people set goals. DayTrill, The 3rd Shift, More Than Melanin and more creatives are doing what they love because they’ve set goals.

Let’s lose the whole “New Year, New Me” phrase and focus on making our goals come true. Focus on still being you, but always aim to be an even better version of yourself.

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