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ISIS Finance Minister Is Killed By U.S. Airstrike.

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In a press conference earlier today U.S. Secretary of Defense, Ashton B. Carter confirmed that a United States Military operation killed a high-ranking official of the extremist  group, ISIS or ISIL, this news comes days after the Brussels bombings in Belgium, a tragic attack on civilians ISIS claimed responsibility for. According to Secretary Carter, Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduil was known as the Islamist group’s top financier, no details on how he was killed were reported.

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The United States forces have been involved with a monthlong air campaign against ISIS, sanctioned by the Obama Administration, the campaign is said to be “eviscerating the Islamic State.”, although some would look at the recent attacks in Europe and wonder if the strategy is really working.

The NY Times reports that recently ISIS has been able to find viable sources of money, arms and false I.D’s for its militants coming out of Europe, and the group has “exposed weaknesses of European spy agencies” because of their covert presence in Europe.  The Obama Administration is still adamant that the camping will lead to the defeat of ISIS.  Secretary Carter said in a news conference “We are systematically eliminating ISIL’S cabinet…We are gaining Momentum”.


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