Isaura Dos Santos Presents: Stand Up & Chill

On Black Friday, our good friend Isaura Dos Santos hosted Stand Up  & Chill, a  comedy show that brought some of the best up and coming local comedians together for a night of hilarity. It was a great night full of positivity and smart jokes. The four comedians (and Larry) all had great bits and well developed material. The topics varied from race, to personal hygiene to student debt and everything in between. It was a packed house, and despite how hot it was everyone was in a great mood and happy to share in the laughter. Viki Pants, Kody Fraser, Evan Little, and Hilarryous performed, while Isaura hosted and ended the night with her own set. If you weren’t there take a look at the footage above. Isaura, we can’t wait for the next one!

Special thanks to Eileen Slavin, Chris Boylston and Rachel Simon for putting together a excellent video and Liana Weeks for some wonderful images.





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