Blog: Invest In YOUrself (By: @WhichSam)


“I’m madd bored.”
“What’s n*ggas doin’?”
“What’s the move tonight.”
“I’m wide awake.”
“I’ve been up since _____ doing nothing.”

Have you ever been on twitter and read those tweets, said one of those phrases, or heard a friend say one of those phrases? Chances are that you have. What comes to my mind when I hear those words, or even when I say those words is what else can I be doing right now? I often wonder or I guess it’s kind’ve judging (yes, because we all judge): how can someone have no ambition? How does one sit at home all day, and not do anything but want to chill? How can one be satisfied with working a 9 to 5 for the rest of their lives? I believe that we all are here for a purpose and that we are here in this world to make an impact, not just clock in 40 hours a week, retire, and repeat the cycle of our ancestors. We need to start investing more into ourselves.

So how does one invest in themselves? It’s simpler than you think. One way is to begin waking up just an hour earlier than you usually do every single day. Doing this gives you a head start to be more productive. With the exception of those without jobs, or those that are simply: not doing a damn thing with their lives, most of us have structure and wake up around the same time every day. So think of it this way; if you wake up one hour earlier every day that’s 7 extra hours a week to invest in yourself, that’s 28 – 31 extra hours a month, and that’s 365 extra hours a year to invest in YOUrself. That of course should be the minimum.

You may think: go to school, find a job, or pick up some hours are the ways to invest in YOUrself. No! I’m talking about investing in YOUrself. Invest in your passions, your dreams, your ideas, and your thoughts! School should be your back up plan, or your foundation. A Doctor may need school to become a Doctor, but all he or she needs is his or her dreams or ideas to start a private practice or two. Some may use school to have a stable job, just in case their own missions do not succeed. All of that is fair, but realize that college isn’t even worth it in some cases! Some people are graduating college with at least $25,000 in debt and only making what a driver for DHL is making… who didn’t go to college.

Invest in YOUrself, use that 9 to 5 to save money for a house and flip houses, start up a small business, buy a $1000 camera and make that money back faster than you think, save for a microphone and start recording, buy a sketch book and just keep drawing. Those are the types of things we should be doing to invest in ourselves. Most of us spend $15 or $20 to get into a party at a club, then go to the bar and spend some more money. Then, we complain about gas prices and that we don’t have gas in our cars (I only say us so you don’t feel too offended). Since you like to party so much (and there’s nothing wrong with that), then start to invest in YOUrself and open up a nightclub, or do what some of these promoters are doing and ho$t a party! Don’t be foolish.

Most of you will read this, and never voluntarily wake up an hour earlier to invest in yourselves. So let me be the first person to tell you that you are setting yourself up for failure. The ones that just simply do, are the ones that are great. I’ve come to the realization that not every body will be more than average in life, not everyone will even be average. If we were all great, then we wouldn’t be great. The great ones need someone to assist them. At you’re workplace is everyone the boss? Doesn’t someone have to hold Beyoncé’s personal items while she performs for thousands, millions, and billions of people worldwide? Do you get where I’m going with this?

Now you may at some point wonder: “Well this might be some great advice, but what does this guy do? What makes him credible?” Without telling you how much my small business brings in a year, or how much I net in a year, just know that I’ve taken my own advice without having to broadcast it, and I’m doing damn well for myself at the age of 22. I’m in a position that most people won’t be until they’re almost 30, and in a position that some people won’t ever be in at all.

Find your passion and talent and begin investing inYOUrself. Don’t ever forget that we can always get paid for your talents, and doing what you love, but the only way we’ll be successful doing it, is if we put in the work! So I hope that you read this and act upon it, and invest in YOUrself Some of you will, some of you won’t, but that’s ok because I’m going to need to hire some “normal” people within the next couple of years.