‘In Too Deep’ By: Bj Adigun

“We have to talk. This went too far” He says. She’s lost in confusion. She hesitantly says “I have something to say too”. He quickly replies “No wait, let me go first”. She tries to talk over him but he aggressively tells her to stop. He’s nervous, he begins to speak, but he stumbling on his words. He starts again. He takes a deep breath as if he’s annoyed. “Listen, I can’t do this anymore. We have to stop sneaking around, we have to end it. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to go this far. This? Us? We got too deep, way too deep. I’m sorry, but believe it or not I love my girl, she’s my world.” She cries out “You once told me you loved me and I said it right back”. He screams “I hate to be that guy but I was just talking, I was caught in the heat of the moment”. She tells him “But I meant it.” He silently says he wishes he never said it. She’s crying and yelling “We can never end it, we can’t just forget it”. He’s screaming why? She pushes him away and yells “I’m pregnant!” …Lets out a deep sigh, sits down and says “I’m 2 months pregnant”.

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