Illuminati This, Illuminati That (By: @TheKabirReport)

I Never Got Shuck Up By Talks Of Illuminati”- Jay Electronica

Whenever we hear or see anything we don’t understand we want to suggests it’s Illuminati ties. A secret group that controls the media and is manipulating us through music, television, movies etc. At one point some people were convinced Jay-Z was some sort of leader of the group. During the height of this foolish theory some people stopped listening to him. Looking at it now, I realize how foolish it was. If you’re using names like Jay-Z & Kanye West and not mentioning The Rothchilds, The Bilderberg Group or The Rockefellers then I think you you’re on the wrong track. Regardless of what you want to call them, I do believe that there is a small group of individuals that control the worlds wealth and resources. I also believe that this group needs to keep the masses distracted and in a state of confusion to maintain their powerful positions. They do this because we produce their wealth, we work in their factories, we are the laborers that help give them capital.

Jay-Z, Rick Ross & Diddy hold no real power, other than the level of their celebrity, which is determined by CEOs and Executives. These rappers are nothing but high paid employees to major music labels.There are four of them. Universal Music Group is the largest record company in the world, within it, there is Interscope Records and Island Def Jam Records, where some of the most popular artists call home. Most of the music we listen to and consider popular come out of UMG, which is a small part of Vivendi. There’s Sony Music Entertainment, a small part of the larger Sony. Warner Music Group, the people signing Rick Ross’ checks. Lastly, there is EMI Group, which is owned by CitiGroup, the largest banking business. So, basically Vivendi, Sony, Warner, and CitiGroup determine what we listen to, wouldn’t it make sense to suggest that the bosses at these corporations as members of the infamous Illuminati? Vivendi also owns 64% of Activision-Blizzard (Call Of Duty & World Of Warcraft).

Television also has a very small group of owners. MTV, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, SpikeTV, and Nickelodeon are all owned by Viacom. And Viacom is owned by National Amusements, which is owned by Sumner Redstone and his daughter Shari Redstone. The Walt Disney Company, the largest media company in the world owns ABC, and subsequently, ESPN, A&E and ABC Family. They also own Marvel Studio, whose films have made over 4 billion dollars. News Corp. another large company owns FOX and The Wallstreet Journal. CBS Corp owns the CW, Showtime Networks and other news stations across the country. One interesting thing about CBS Corp is that the Executive Chairman of the company is Sumner Redstone, the boss at National Amusements, which owns Viacom. TimeWarner Inc. owns HBO, TBS, Cartoon Networks, Kids’ WB, CNN and DC Comics. Basically, everything we watch comes from a handful of companies with the ultimate goal of making a profit and not providing us with honest & objective information.

There is a definition of “Power” that I really like; “The ability to defines one’s reality and have them accept it as their own“. We have a handful of people with interweaving relationships that control all the info & media we consume, which is a large amount of power. They have the ability to determine what info we receive, and they can manipulate information or have us believe lies. Through music, movies and television they have created a nation full of consumers. The desire we have to spend our hard earned money is something instilled within us by the very people that benefit the most from our consumption. If you think about the male and female personality it is something taken almost entirely from TV and movies. The black male’s hyper-sex-fueled-ego-driven personality was created by the media and after generations of seeing that we took it as reality. What we live in can’t be called reality because a group of people who only have their best interest at heart control everything we feed our minds with. The first step to getting out of the “Illuminate’s” clutches is to deny the reality you see in front of you and beginning building a new one for you and your people.

My main point is, don’t say any of these rappers are in the Illuminati, they may be used by them, but if you want any idea of who is in the group, look no further than the bosses of these companies here. The people who are “controlling the world” have been wealthy for many generations, we aren’t dealing with individuals who have gotten rich recently.

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