How I Met My Celebrity Role Model (by @BleesNews)

 All my life I’ve been obsessed with celebrities, their lifestyle, who they were dating, what they were wearing etc.. But I did not know how to turn my passion for the entertainment world into a career. So I started a Instagram blog called #BLEESNEWS about entertainment news but I needed to do more. Every time I’d explain my passion about this industry to to people, someone would always bring Karen Civil’s name and so I finally checked her out. Since that very moment, I spent all of college obsessing over this woman. I needed to meet her, I wanted to know how she got to where she did. For a long time I did not know how to describe what she did  as a career to people. I would always call her a blogger only because she owned a blog but she was more than that & I knew it and needed to know what it was. I followed Karen’s career for a couple more years, plotting on ways I could reach her. I watched every single interview of hers and and eventually came up with the perfect idea. Karen visited ‘The Breakfast Club’ radio show like two years ago and explained how she  got to meet her favorite band N’sync through the internet and since she’s the BLUEPRINT, I did exactly that. The internet can either break you or make you, depending on how you use it. Being that I am from this generation and we’re known to make things happen through the internet, I took advantage of that and within weeks I was communicating with Karen. At first it was just likes in IG, to comments and then to her inviting me to a concert she was hosting in New York, Elle Varner’s to be exact. It was January 29th 2016, I still remember every detail about this day like it was yesterday. I was super nervous, what was I going to tell this woman that I’ve admired for years? We got to the show a hour early, and right when we walked in I spotted her (she’s way taller in person by the way), being as anxious as I was, I walked right by her. With no courage in the world at this moment to introduce myself, my friends saved the day. Karen being as sweet as she is, was excited to meet us also. She’s was very busy before the show giving us no time to chat, so she asked us to stay after. After the show, Karen introduced us to her best friend Ming Lee, who a friend of mine had admired for years. We also got to meet Elle Varner & Sonyae , two other dope women in the industry. This night went nothing like I thought it would but it kept me wanting more. I knew this was where I belonged right away. This was also the same night I realized what Karen did, she’s an INFLUENCER. She’s apart of this new culture of people that the industry needed. They were apart of a new generation of hip hop, a generation of organic people who’s opinion matter, whether you liked it or not, you still respected them for being themselves and making careers out of that. 

Meeting Karen changed my life forever, I’ve always wondered how did this black girl from Elizabeth, New Jersey, who dropped out of college take the industry by storm? How is she responsible for “Weezy Thanks You”, one of the biggest moments in Wayne’s careers ? Why does Nicki have faith in her to manage her career that costs millions of dollars? Why does Wale think she’s ill enough to produce a song for his album? Why does BET trust her opinions for their Awards? Karen is responsible for so much work in the industry that of people don’t give her enough credit for. She puts no limitations on what she’s capable of doing and 2016 was a prime example of that. Karen being part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President exceeded all my expectations on what an Influencer truly is. I was so proud of her for stepping outside of hip hop and representing the culture so well. That same year I was invited to Karen’s ‘LIVE CIVIL BRUNCH’ after keeping in touch all year long, something I’ve dreamed of being apart of, since it started. In reality Karen Civil thought I was cool enough to network with other dope people in the industry and that was the game changer. The confidence I gained from being in the same room with women I’ve looked up to for years was everything! 

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