How Bad Do You Want It ? ( by @qcvm_)

How bad do you want it ?

I realize in life we tend to complicate things.

Some things are really that simple.


How bad do you want it ?

We often speak on things we long for.

We go on and on about what we would give up to get it.

The reality is everything has a price.

The matter is whether or not we are willing to pay.


You want to be rich ?

Will you pass up parties and hanging out with friends to work three jobs ?

Will you pass up on cable, haircuts or manicures  to invest   ?

Will you sell your car and wake up an extra hour earlier to take the bus to fatten your bank account ?


You want to lose weight ?

Will you stick to a strict diet ?

Will you give up the alcohol ?

Will you pass up the nights out and dinners for quinoa and spinach ?


You want to be a rapper ? 

Will you move to a city with no friends and no job to for better opportunity ?

Will you spend countless hours becoming a student of your craft ?

Will you learn to make beats, to engineer, to read music all to gain a better understanding ?


Most things  in life are attainable.  The question is what would you give up to attain it ?  How bad do you want it ?



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