Hold Up! The United States Might Elect It’s First Woman President

I’m super cynical. As a black man, with some understanding of history, I believe that the system designed here in the United States was not created for me. I know that my ancestors were considered property, three-fifths human, then terrorized when given their freedom. Redlining, job discrimination and the manufactured War On Drugs are just a few examples of the government deliberately destroyed the black community or allowed it to be oppressed.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United only proved that big money was, and has always been, infused with national elections here in America. Right now we have two candidates that no one really likes. We have a crazy person who isn’t worth mentioning here, and we have Hillary Clinton. As cynical as I am, I think it’s very significant that this country might possibly elect its first woman president in November. It’ll cause debate between capital “F” feminists, who often forget about black and brown woman. It might also have intangible effects like Obama’s election, albeit not as awe-inspiring. Hopefully, it’ll encourage more woman to get into politics and this will prove my theory that women should actually run the universe.

Either way, congratulations in advance Hillary Clinton. It’s all downhill from here. I look forward to fighting the system you’ll be tasked with maintaining.

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