‘His Wrongs’By: Bj Adigun

There were a few times that I lied to you, led you to believe that you were the one. No, scratch that. You are the one, but at times you weren’t the only one. Don’t hate me. I remember I told what’s her face that I loved her, only to get in her pants. I’m ashamed. I should’ve never gave her that dance. I should’ve never went to that party, I should’ve never held her hands. Don’t hate me. My phone never died that day. Honestly, I was with fellas being sneaky being shady. But don’t hate me. My ex thought she was pregnant with my baby. I regret this all, I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. Know you want this to work believe me I do too, I want this more than anything. I might even want this more than you. See, you’re never going to trust me. But this is my confessions, and you probably wanna forget me, you’ve already learned your lesson. Don’t hate me. You’re screaming “Stop no more”. I hate to say this but there’s one more. Just don’t hate me.

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