Harder For A Black Man Or White Man To Be Homosexual?

To begin, I just want to say that I am not homophobic or racist. If you have issues reading or discussing race, gender, and all that other stuff. Just stop reading now………. Ok cool. Also, read with a sense of humor and just try to remember the point that I’m trying to get across. If you are homosexual more power to you. *takes 5 steps back*

This idea was brought up to me by my girl (notice I made sure i mentioned the fact that I’m in a relationship with a female. I am not gay.) But, I believe that it is harder for a black man than a white man to be gay.

Picture yourself sitting in a large college class and a white guy walks in. Ok, so he’s probably wearing some type of tight apparel and is walking extremely  fast paced. Once he makes his way to his seat, your most likely going to put him in the back of your mind. Now picture a black guy walking into your class walking just as fast. After he takes a seat I can guarantee that your gonna keep staring at him longer than you would stare at the white guy. Am I right? Ok. Now the questions is, Why?

Now I myself am African American so that’s the point of view I’m speaking on. I don’t know if a caucasian individual would look at the black guy any more than the white guy.. Actually I think they would.

I honestly still don’t know the answer to this. However I think society views black males as  : “scarier”, “stronger”, or “meaner” than a white male. Imagine Will Smith and Brad Pitt standing next to each other. Actually I’ll do that for you….










Who do you think would win a fight? I’m thinking Will Smith. For all I know, Brad Pitt is probably stronger than Will Smith. I just can’t bring myself to be convinced that Brad would beat Will.

The point is.. I don’t know what the point is but the bottom line is, it’s almost ok for a white man to be gay, but seeing a gay black man just doesn’t sit right with me and bothers me more than a gay white man. I know I sound ignorant or rude, but this is my blog, my thoughts, and I told you to stop reading.

Seriously though, think about it.. If you can figure out why it’s harder for a black man than a white man to be gay then hit me up.

@WhichSam @Sorry4TheBlog | Once again … Really sorry.

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