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@Presidential_wp Is A Podcast Worth Hearing

Just a few months ago I knew close to nothing about Podcasts. I had no idea where to find them or how many existed, I was completely oblivious. Fortunately for me, my fellow S4TB blogger, Janet Kelly (@BleesNews) saved me from a life with no podcasts, she showed me the podcast app on my iPhone, at that moment, my life changed. I was all of a sudden thrust into an audio encyclopedia of everything imaginable, I saw podcast on almost any topic/subject one could think of.
I immediately began searching for podcasts on history, current news, and politics, and during my search I stumbled upon a podcast titled Presidential. Presidential is a podcast from the Washington Post and hosted by On Leadership Column Editor, Lillian Cunningham. During each episode, Cunningham speaks on the early character, leadership style, policy, and legacy of each United States President. Her goal is to better understand each U.S. President and how their failures and victories led us to where we are now, especially in an election year. The host, interviews award-winning authors, reporters, editors, historians and professors who have done extensive research on the U.S. Presidents.
What I enjoy most about Presidential  is that it’s filled with valuable historical facts and information, but also manages to be lighthearted and fun to listen to. During almost each episode the host asks two specific questions about each U.S. President to the historians and authors she interviews, she would say, “if I went on a blind date with President (Insert name here) .. What would I expect? What would he be like”, this question gives the listener a glimpse at the personality  of each U.S. President. During her interviews and investigations about each U.S. president I find myself learning interesting and fascinating facts about each president. For instance, Millard Fillmore, our 13th president was the least educated President up to his time as Commander-in-Chief, but is known for building the first permanent library in the White House.
Since there are exactly 44 weeks between the first episode of Presidential, and the 2016 U.S. presidential election , each episode will focus on a different president starting from our first, President George  Washington, to our current, President Barack Obama.
In honor of our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, here is his Presidential Podcast Episode!
Enjoy !

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