Happy Birthday S4TB

It’s amazing to think that S4TB has been around 4 Years! Folks have entered and graduated college during this websites lifetime. We’ve grown, changed and adapted. I personally want to thank you all for your continued support of everything we’ve done. Allowing us to be idiots, critiquing our mistakes and celebrating our successes, has made this journey rewarding. We’ve used Twitter and Instagram to create a great group of supporters. We’re all using this to pursue our passion while perfecting our craft as writers, designers and creatives. There have been bowling events, a rooftop party, a live podcast, an Instagram Party and other events and other events that bring us together for unique experiences. This is our platform, that we created, but we want you all to share in, and be a part of, this experiment. Write a guest blog, come to our events, or join the conversations on Twitter and Instagram. Again, thank you for a great 4 years. Here are just 4 highlights from the past 4 years… Its all downhill from here.

SummerBooDraft & Instagrammies

All criticisms are valid about The Summer Boo Draft and Instagrammies, but these social media events were unique and entertaining as hell. No local website has done anything on social media like this before, or since. Both concepts started as jokes, but grew into actual ideas that our friends and followers bought into. I’ve seen heated arguments, and have had to defend my love for Black Women, after The Instagrammies. Initially we created the categories and selected the winners. The next year we opened it up for voting. The results were still polarizing, but all in good fun.

The Summer Boo Draft literally shut down our website the day it happened. A very silly idea in theory, that worked out perfectly. Folks agreed to pick someone to be there fake “boo” for the summer and we announced it through the site. It was absolutely ridiculous how many people were Tweeting and discussing it. It was a great day for Providence-based Twitter.

Blogs On The Blog

Illuminati This, Illuminati That

From Sam molding the perfect woman, Gianelle’s socially conscious pieces, Hakeem’s Rhode Island Renaissance article, or my own blog about the Illuminiati. Over the past 4 years we’ve written some shit. Good or bad I think our content has offered different view points and opinions. We’re thankful for all the guests blogs from Wale, out in Texas, to Nwando here in RI. Below are a few highlights from over the years.

Drake X Future Tracklist

Racism At The Last Resort

Dating Down Part I & II

Please Stop Killing Us, Because All Live Matter


No Right Way To Do Feminism

Dipset Vs. G-Unit

Top 5 Rap City Freestyle

Drinking & Diving

1 Cover

Quite possibly our Magnum Opus. Folks were diving, swimming, laughing and twerking all day. It was literally perfect. Unfortunately, we haven’t had one since, but the memory of this event still lingers. Maybe one day… Click HERE to check out pictures from the event!

Art On The Ave.IMG_4231

S4TB is really proud of Art On The Ave. A great event that brings the community together to celebrate the amazing artists we have here. The two we’ve had so far were amazing. Great art, good music and wonderful people. At the last one we also raised over $300 for our 444 Scholarship. Again, thank you for your support! Click HERE to check out images from  the first Art On The Ave!




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