Happy 4th Of July (By: @TheKabirReport)

Happy 4th of July to you all. As you are enjoying your day at BBQ’s and gatherings I just hope that you all remember that the independence of this country didn’t mean the freeing of slaves. The independence of this country didn’t bring back the Native Americans, who were almost made extinct by the European. The independence of America isn’t something non-whites should be proud of, or celebrate, because none of you have benefited from it.  Due to America’s independence Africa has continued to be in a state of starvation, poverty and disease. The state of helplessness Africa has been in has benefited America’s greediest companies, from Shell to Nestle. The independence of America resulted in the dropping of the only two atomic bombs on a human population in history. The independence of America led to the death of millions during the Vietnam War. We all know the true intentions of the wars in the Middle East now. The pursuit of wealth, captial and ultimate power are at the foundation of all of America’s political moves, no matter the cost.

I find it funny that blacks are proud to call themselves Americans but forget the beginnings when we were not even considered humans, but property. At one point we were considered Three-Fifths of a human being. Do you understand that at one point black people were working for absolutely nothing and you were able to kill a black person with no consequences. Black people’s history in America consists of slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration and paralyzing poverty. But you’re an American.

I just wanted to share my thoughts. I find it fascinating that we look at the killers of Native Americans as good guys. Its funny how black people have gone from working for free to making $7.40 an hour (minimum wage) and we call that progress. I’ll go enjoy my BBQ an fireworks now.

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