Hair typing

Hair Typing In The Natural Hair Community

Many naturals conform to this doctrine on what type of natural hair they have by way of hair typing. Hair typing is a way to determine the texture of your hair and helps to offer the best ways to manage your hair. Your hair can fall on the spectrum that goes from bone straight to kinky. There are both numbers and letters associated with hair typing. The number categorizes the pattern. 1 being straight, 2 wavy, 3 curly, and 4 kinky. And the letters a, b and c help to subcategorize the four patterns.

I am not a believer in hair typing. I do not like to overcomplicate things. Remembering a letter and number for my hair seems like too much work, especially because I am aware that different parts of my hair have different patterns. Like the back of my hair is more curly and the middle of my hair is the kinkiest. An easier way than hair typing is to pay attention to the density of your hair. Your hair is either thin, thick or somewhere in the middle. If your hair is thin it may be very easy to moisturize your hair. You simply just rub a dime size of product through your hair and given the thinness it will easily penetrate each strand. Now if you have thick hair and you do this same method, you surely will experience dry hair. For thick hair it is important to section off your hair and apply a moisturizing product to smaller sections. Although my hair may have different patterns according to hair typing, I apply the same amount of product to each section because my hair is thick. Thick haired women have to work to penetrate each strand because our strands like to make love to each other. They want to hug, be wrapped up in and on top of one another. They try to keep anything that is trying to get in between of their love making away. So if you do not take that time to really moisturize your strands will continue to make love and not allow you to penetrate the strands.

Hair is not one type fits all so your have you figure out where you fall. Maybe one week you add a little more product than you normally would and see how your hair feels or add a little less. Moisture is the biggest component in the health of hair in my opinion. Too many times I have witness women with thick hair applying a dime size of product on their entire head. Please take heed and do not attempt this if you cannot easily run a comb through your hair.