Guest Blogs – The Beautiful Silence 2012 Edition: By @Saybz

The Irony Of Dropping This Post Today. All I Have To Say Is, Enjoy.

The Beautiful Silence 2012 Edition

People blog for all kinds of reasons. Some to feel like they have a voice, others to vent. Some blog with pictures or videos. Some reblog. Other guest blogs on this site have included sarcasm and humor- mine may not. I’m sorry for this blog.

First and foremost, Happy New Year. I know that the idea of a fresh slate and new start has many people excited about their 2012 adventure, hope that it works out for you.

This blog post is a simple statement… it’s an explanation about a phrase you may have heard me say. Let me let you in on a secret I call “The Beautiful Silence.”

I will make this as raw and candid as possible, bare with me.

Twitter has given us each the opportunity to speak to one another 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It has made our interests the topic of discussion and some of our bodies artwork for the internet. Twitter has made us feel like friends, and some of us like enemies. It has allowed us to subliminally speak to one another and slander each other freely.

But Twitter did not come with this disclaimer- and neither does life so here it is: “The strong move in SILENCE.” I know that it is tempting to fill that box with 140 characters and send it out to the world- but some things deserve the discretion.

This goes for all men, women and in between- in 2012, let’s practice THE BEAUTIFUL SILENCE. Too many people in 2011 told the world what they were going to do and NEVER did it. Too many SPOKE TOO SOON. Let’s keep the #OnMyGrind tweets away until you’re actually grinding. Let’s stop claiming peak positions until they have been awarded to us.

Maybe I payed too much attention to the words of others but there were a whole lot of people who were “ballin’ so hard that motherfu**ers want to fine them,” that weren’t even trying to pay admission to YOLO.

In 2012, let’s take it upon ourselves to LET OUR WORK DO THE TALKING. That work will turn into money. To me, that’s the loudest statement you can make. Keep your eyes open and watch the movements‚Ķ

Love, Loyalty, Hustle


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