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Guest Blogs – Dumb Broads: By @HeyMaWassup

Finally We Got Our First Guest Blog, Took Awhile But It’s Here So Shut Up & Read. Thank You.

Dumb Broads

Let’s get right to the point. The title says it all. No suspicious hidden agenda, no Morse code, no none of that. Dumb broads is on the dinner menu tonight, sh** it’s even the dessert, appetizers and drink.

The dumbest of broads; the ones who ask for a straight forward dude, but when they get one they nag and complain to their girls about how he did this or did that. Listen heaux you knew exactly what type of dude you were about to mess with before y’all got down. Stop it Boo Boo, just stop it!! The dumb damsel in distress act is played out.

Ladies, I’m 100% convinced that thinking things through thoroughly isn’t something that y’all pride yourselves on. If bruh tells you that “I’m not ready for a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but I want to be with you. You just have to let me do me.” It really means “I will, not might, I WILL f*** around with other skallywags, and you are going to accept it because you ‘love me’.” and honestly if that’s the case, when you find things out through the shriveled grapevine you have no , I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NO right at all to be mad when he is ACTUALLY messing with another chick. It was a verbal contract you agreed to, can’t go back on that joint now. WhatChuMean? Brand New Though?

Wait, wait I’m not done with y’all just yet. For the ones who have been with a dude since Kingdom Come and STILL don’t know what to define the relations because it started off as just “BUDDIES ;)” , but swear up and down and AROUND that you don’t care about what he does, and who he is with. Boo boo the lies are eating you ALIVE!! You are emotionally connected. The minute you hear a rumor of him being with or even talking to another sm*t your head is spinning, like you’re on a carousel. Does this seem like Christmas? No, this isn’t a fairytale. You are not Snow White nor do you wear a glass slipper. Grow up and act correct.

F*#%$ buddies. KNOW. YOUR. PLACE. I said know it dammit!! Don’t catch feeling in the middle of sh** because he’s laying the pipe down all types of crazy. Remember your title. It’s Lust Not Love.. – Basically he is running the shots and you signed off on your box. Let me break it down for you. Look at it like this, you put a G in a box, you don’t want the box it came in just the G… ”Why Buy The Cow If The Milk Is Free?” Sh** I’m Lactose Intolerant and I get the drift.

And for all you females out there that constantly say you’re DONE this time. Go ahead, I dare you, say it once more again. But guess what skank? WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE.

The nitty gitty is real out here. So Be aware of the heauxs lying about liking sports. Their box has been captured by jailbait…

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