Guest Blog: Why Do Men Cheat? (By: @GPL_)


Why do men cheat? – a question that’s plagued man for ages. Well, mostly black people on Twitter. I’ve ranted about this before on numerous occasions, but 140-character tweets won’t let me be great. Gather ’round, children. I may have the answer to this question.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who is this seemingly convincing person?” Let me give you a quick biography. My name is Greg and I’m a 25.7-year-old, Haitian man from Massachusetts. I’ve had two serious relationships in the past. I also won my elementary school’s school-wide spelling bee when I was in the second grade. I’m an expert at Minesweeper. And I’ve cheated in the past.

I’m not proud of it at all. Matter-of-fact, I regret it. So why did I do it? For the top reason why most men cheat. That’s right, I just hit you with a triple whammy and U.O.Even.N.O. I think I said that right… Anyways, my point is three-tiered. (1) There isn’t just one single reason for why men cheat, or even women for that matter. (2) Not every instance of cheating is for the same reason. (3) The reasons why men cheat and women cheat are different. For some of you, these are obvious and this piece is most likely boring you already. For others, these are new concepts. This piece is for you. I’ll succinctly state the top reasons to keep this simple.

The top reason why women cheat: they receive something (e.g. attention or love) from the man they’re cheating with that the man they’re with won’t supply enough of.

The top reason why men cheat: because it’s easy to.

I find it fascinating that some women cannot grasp the understanding that for most men it is trivial to separate feelings from sex. And I find just as fascinating that some men cannot grasp the understanding that for most women it is not trivial at all to separate feelings from sex. It’s science, children. No, it really is, biology actually.

The sole purpose of coital intercourse from a biological standpoint is to reproduce. That’s it. Now, how evolution has pre-programmed each gender on the perception of sex is based on our genitalia. Bear with me. It is biologically more beneficial for a male to have multiple partners than it is for a female. In other words, males can more efficiently pass on their genes at one time. One could argue that evolution has allowed the disconnect of emotions from sex to help garner this efficiency. What’s interesting is if you examine the history of our Homo genus, it reveals polygyny was the dominating sociosexual structure. Furthermore, almost no mammals are completely sexually monogamous.

Wait, so… cheating is natural? Is it something we shouldn’t resist? Is it as unstoppable as a force majeure? Well, I wouldn’t say all of that exactly. Sexual monogamy is most certainly not natural. But similarly, neither is music, art, poetry, cooking, sports, technology, laws, waxings, haircuts, landing on the moon, etc. Our humanity – the very thing that separates us from the bugs and beasts in the wild; the very thing that makes us human – isn’t natural.

The three prongs of humanity are love, kindness, and social intelligence. There are many states of minds that can impede on these prongs, and the two that immediately come to mind are anger and arousal. Think about it, how many unintelligent decisions have you made while angry? What about while aroused? Trust me, I understand how hard it is to possess and tame an erect penis, but I don’t think it’s impossible. Although I don’t know the exact formula that’ll stop everyone from cheating, I do know it requires a certain level of self-awareness and reflection.

Why do men cheat? For a few reasons. The top reason is because it’s easy. It’s easy to allow impulse to overcome humanity. Men, stop cheating, it’s savagery. Women, stop blaming yourselves when they do, blame him and hip-hop. Well, maybe not hip-hop exactly. Blame the glorification of multiple sex partners that gets constantly reinforced in our black American culture. The programming that occurs from child to adult has failed to properly override the pre-programming done by biology. But maybe that’s too deep, maybe I’ll save it for another blog post.

I hope I was able to enlighten you on this topic, children.

The end.

Post scriptum: The first word of each sentence combined makes a secret message.

Post post scriptum: Sike, nah.