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Guest Blog: For The Love Of Music: We Had 2012, Anticipating 2013 (By: @JuicyAnnie)

As a music “Aficionado” and an “Avid Kanyenian”, the anticipation of upcoming projects a number of artist have coming for us, has inspired me to write my first guest blog! So, with that said, let’s recap 2012 and talk about what the music, or should I say, the Hip-hop/R&B world, has in store for us in the year 2013.

With 2012 coming to an end a couple weeks ago (feels like it was yesterday), we can say Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz took over. It is safe to say that it was their year. Formally known as “Tity Boi”, 2 Chainz made a huge comeback for the love of trap music! We were never disappointed with any track that was dropped continuously during the year with the inclusion of huge collaborations like Drake, Kanye West, G.O.O.D Music, just to name of few. Unfortunately, I was looking forward to hearing a 2 Chainz story; hence the name of his album “Based on a T.R.U. Story” but his music is a guaranteed turn up for the all the partygoers. His comedic one-liners, and repetitive hooks definitely attract an audience.

The story telling and lyrical void was definitely filled with Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, “Good Kid, m.A.A.d city”. I can most definitely say that there was not one bad track on that album, but that’s just me and everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion, right? With album sales reaching a big 240K the first week, everyone was aware that it was going to be a hit and the buzz made people want to get hip to Kendrick and the rest of his TDE family. The Hip-hop/R&B charts were topped by yours truly, now, what will Kendrick have in store for us this year? We just have to wait and see.

While getting ready to bring in 2013, the first artist in mind for most, according to my twitter family, was A$AP Rocky. He had some buzz on social networks because of mixtape’s he has dropped in the past including, “Lord$ Never Worry” with the entire A$AP Mob. Definitely had my “Choppas on deck” with that one! An artist biggest worry is the famous leakage, which Rocky was a victim of approximately a month before his drop date. With his fan base, I doubt he will have a problem with album sales for Long.Live.A$AP!

Now, the rumors floating around the web about certain artist dropping projects this year, are giving me mixed emotions. I don’t think my music loving heart can take much of it but I’ll live. Justin Timberlake making a comeback, WTT2, along with solo albums from ‘Ye and Jay. Yes, I know I left some out but those are some that grasped my attention. I don’t know what to believe, but the excitement is real! At least Justin Timberlake himself, confirmed one of the rumors and yes, it is true! He will be releasing a long anticipated album“The 20/20 Experience”. It’s been a long time since 2006 JT and it sure does feel good listening to him through my speakers again with “Suit & Tie featuring Jay-Z. I must say Timbaland did his thing with the production and I’m sure that is not the last of him.

So! I don’t want to bombard you all with too much and I guess, this ends my first guest blog! Feel free to give me feedback, comments and I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s opinion on music in 2013. Stay tuned for future blog post ;)! Who are you anticipating?