Guest Blog: Fall Fashion For Women (By: @StylistAnya)

We Usually Don’t Do Much For Our Female Visitors (Actually We Do Little To Nothing For Them) So Today We’re Gonna Try Something Different & Post This Guest Blog From ShoeDazzle’s Own Anya Sarre. Although I Have Absolutely No Knowledge About Female Fashion, She Seems To Know What She’s Talking About, Plus She Works For A Successful Company, So That Has To Mean Something. Either Way, I Hope You Guys Females Enjoy.


Leopard-licious Looks this Fall

The world of fashion can be a chance for every woman to be a little adventurous, and this season you can get really wild – wild animal that is! Leopard prints are huge this fall. Just like the majestic cats themselves, leopard prints evoke images of sensuality, attitude, and sass. Wearing this wild pattern can be a great, eye-catching way to turn an outfit up on a notch!

We love this trend because it is so versatile and looks great on just about everyone. There are so many ways to wear leopard print that everyone and their mom can get in on the savannah-inspired look. From shoulder bags and flirty scarves to jackets and printed jeans, it seems like leopard print is everywhere. Some designers are even adding fun twists to the spotted fashion by offering leopard prints in hot colors like electric blue, purple, and emerald green.

To really embrace this fantastic feline fad, choose a statement piece in the bold print and pair it with more understated items. A sharp blazer can help highlight both the fun and the classiness that leopard prints can add to your wardrobe. If you want to unleash your wild side, a leopard patterned jacket will help you get into the mood, though if you want more of a subtle look, you can find blazers and sweaters with very elegant and tasteful leopard trims around the collar, sleeves and pockets.

Wear your leopard looks over a simple skirt or skinny black pants to make the print pop. For jewelry, try layering some chunky gold and coppery necklaces and adding matching hoop earrings or some jangly bangle bracelets. It’s all about being sassy and having attitude.

If you want to go more minimalist with this fashion, there’s plenty of room to do that as well. It can be as easy as wearing an adorable leopard print headband or even just grabbing a scarf as you head out the door. A bold leopard item is so striking that even donning one as an after though makes you look like you spent time and effort putting your outfit together.

For an especially relaxed way to embrace this trend wear your favorite jeans and a simple white t-shirt and then add a pair of printed or patterned shoes; ballet flats or stiletto boots looks particularly feisty and fun in this look. It’s just a little touch of leopard, but in this case a little can go a long way to make you look fabulous and fashionable.

-Anya Sarre

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