Gucci SS 16 cover

Gucci Spring 2016 Collection: Ready to Wear

Alessandro Michele, the new Creative director of Gucci introduces a vibrant and eclectic spring collection. Alessandro has been working at Gucci for 12 years before stepping into his new role as creative director. He has big shoes to fill since the former creative director , Frida Giannini was in the position since 2006. It’s always challenging to step into a role when others are familiar with a certain aesthetic for so long. Gucci as a brand  has always been respected as one of the best. There was an expectation for nothing less than perfection and Alessandro delivered.

Gucci SS 16 1 Gucci ss 16 2 Gucci SS 16 3

“It’s a big trip! Of course I am interested in personal style and quirkiness. There are things here that look vintage, but don’t really exist as vintage—it’s the illusion of it. I’m not nostalgic! I’d like to shake it up again.”

Gucci ss 16 5 Gucci SS 16 7 Gucci SS 16 9

Alessandro is totally going against the traditional sleek Gucci silhouette that we have all have become accustomed to. However, it seems to be working for him. He has received many accolades from his peers and fashion journalist. After, reviewing the collection I’m a fan as well.

Gucci SS 16 4 Gucci SS 16 8 Gucci SS 16 6

[Side note: I have a hunch that Solange might be obsessed with with this collection. This collection is very eccentric and full of color. We’ll keep our eyes open for the possibility of that connection.]


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