Google in CUBA !

Except for the incredibly awkward handshake exchanged between President Barack Obama and Cuba’s President Raul Castro and political dissidents protesting, Obama’s visit to the isolated island has already proven to be beneficial for Cuban-American relations. This morning President Obama mentioned that tech giant Google will be the first American companies to help open Cuba to the internet. In a statement to the to  ABC news the POTUS mentioned that “…Google has a deal to start setting up more WiFi and Broadband access on the island”. The exactly details on how Google plans to do this are still unsure but speculations are Google will be expanding its FIBER initiative to Cuba. According to Tech site Engadget, Cuba lunched it first public wifi spots in its second largest city, unfortunately the $4.50 hourly fee is too expensive for most citizens. This move is sure to drive other U.S. companies to follow suit and start investing in the island.

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