GFID vs. TM103: Were You Really Motivated? (By @SholaBoyTellEm)

Forget About The Numbers, Forget About The “Beef”, Forget About Ross’ C.O. Past, Just Forget About Everything That’s Not Relevant To The Quality Of Their Music ‘Cause We Didn’t Come Here For That, Right? If We’re Gonna Talk About Music Then Let’s Strictly Keep It At That, Nothing More, Nothing Less. So With That Said, Let’s Get This Started.

Track For Track, I Just Don’t Believe That Thug Motivation Could Match Up With God Forgives. Since Deeper Than Rap, Ross Has Continuously Showed Us Why He’s Currently One Of The Most Consistent Rappers In The Game. One Of The Few Artists That Have Found A Way To Balance Sophisticated Rap & Trap Music, Something That Jeezy Has Yet & Probably Will Never Be Successful In. 

I Just Want Everyone To Seriously Think About This, When You Listened To TM103 Was There Anything On There That Literally Blew You Away? Were You Really Motivated? Did It Really Make You Wanna Drop Out Of School & Pursue The Luxurious Life As A Blow Dealer? Of Course Jeezy Stans Will Say “Yes” But I’m Here To Tell You Different. Don’t Get Me Wrong, The Album Had Its Moments With Records Like “OJ” And … Well That’s About It. Everything Else Was Legit Skippable (I Don’t Care If That Isn’t A Word). I’m Already Sick Of “Leave You Alone”, I Was Over “SupaFreak” Months Ago And I’m Still Wondering How “Lose My Mind” Made The Album. So Once Again, I Ask You … When You Listened To TM103 Was There Anything On There That Really Blew You Away? I Mean, The Intro Was Cool, “Nothing” Was Pretty Dope & “Higher Learning” Still Gets Some Spins From Time To Time. But I’ll Ask You Again, Were You Really Motivated?

I’m Not Necessarily Saying That The Album Is Trash (For Those Who Can’t Tell The Difference) But It Was Weak … Very Weak. Now That I Think About It, It Just Might Be His Weakest Album To Date. It Really Came & Went For Me, Whereas His Previous Albums Such As; The Recession & TM101 Still Get Consistent Plays From Me. So Where Did Jeezy Fail? For Starters His Beat Selections Weren’t The Greatest. Lyrically, Nobody Expects Jeezy To Say Much, The Guy’s Over Here Saying Sh*t Like, “You Worse Than Frito-Lay. Yeah, You No Cheddar”. So His Rapping Abilities Are A Lot More Dependent On His Production Level & Quite Frankly They Weren’t Up To Par. He Had Some Questionable Features On There Too. For The Most Part, If You Jump On A Track With Jeezy & Can’t Outrap Him Then There’s A Good Chance That You Probably Shouldn’t Be Rapping. *Looks At Future & Trick Daddy* So Now My Only Question How In The World Could You Possibly Think That TM103 Is Better Than GFID?

GFID Was A Great Body Of Work. The Production On It Was Crazy As Usual, The Features Were Dope, Lyrically Nobody Cares What Ross Has To Say Either But Musically Speaking It Was Just More Well-Rounded Than TM103. Don’t Me Get Wrong, It Had Some Low Points On There, Like Almost Any Album Would These Days (“Presidential” & “911” Are The Only Two That I Could Do Without) But Let’s Be Serious For A Moment … Is There Anything On TM103 That Could Possibly Compare To “Ten Jesus Pieces” Or “Amsterdam”? Or Even “Maybach Music IV”? Which Is The “Weakest” Of The Series (I Beg To Differ But That’s A Whole Different Argument) But You Get My Point Here. I Just Feel Like Ross’ Album Has Much More To Offer When It All Comes To Down It.

So There You Have It. My Opinion On Why TM103 Is NOT A Better Album Than GFID. I Tried To Keep This As Brief As I Could Cause I Know Y’all Hate To Read & Sh*t But At Least It Wasn’t As Long As Wale’s Short Story

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