Game Of Thrones: War Never Changes (Part II)

I’m well aware that Game Of Thrones and the books it adapts are completely fictional fantasy stories, but every story is based on some sort of reality. Every storyteller has to have a point of reference and that point is usually based on a culture and way of thinking they know or have been taught. With that said, clearly these stories are similar to what may have been happening in Europe during the Medieval period. Knights, squires, kings and queens are all ideas based in that historical period. It seems like as society began to organize into kingdoms and nations the same problems persist. Prostitution, war, rape and pillaging. Families like the Lannister’s lie, cheat and steal there way to immeasurable wealth and influence. A few men determining the destinies of thousands. Even just and honorable men like Ned Stark are compromised because of the men surrounding them. There are just so many parallels to contemporary times, and its unfortunate to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I’m still enjoying the story and the excellent ensemble cast HBO has put together. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister is more enjoyable as he grows more complex. His friend/henchmen Bronn is slowing growing, and the developments in King’s Landing are getting more interesting each episode. The relationship between Jamie Lannister and Brienne is fun to watch develop as they travel together. The introduction of Margaery has caused a surprising turn of events. I’m still not sure what her motivations are, but she seems to want to do more then just be queen. So far she has helped orphans and has made the poor people of King’s Landing like Joffrey a bit more. Oddly enough I’m growing to like Tywin Lannister more and more. Out of all the nutcases in that family he might have the most sense. There is one conversation he has with his daughter Cersei where he puts here right in her place. In a way we haven’t seen on the show so far. It was awesome!

I’m probably least interested in whats going on in the North. Jon Snow is a great character, but he hasn’t had much room to develop after crossing The Wall sometime ago. I don’t get why things are being prolonged between him and Ygritte, the Wildling, but its getting old! I actively dislike the White Walkers and hope that plot thread interests me soon as its obviously going to play a major part in the story. There are far to many characters and stories going on to mention them all.

Avoiding spoilers is so much harder when you’re watching it. Jesus!