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Blog: To My Future Wife (Part I)

my future wife copy

This is to you, my future wife. I know you’re somewhere out there reading this, and maybe we’ve met already, maybe we haven’t. Maybe we’re friends or we’ve walked past each other in the mall, or something. I know you’re beautiful, intelligent, hard working, and independent. You’ll make the best mother, wife, friend, and drinking partner!

I’m not quite sure where you are right now, but hopefully you are where you are supposed to be; bettering yourself, letting all the youth that you have in you out now, enjoying the single life while you can! Maybe you’re in a relationship right now, and maybe the relationship is working right now. However, I know at some point he’s going to screw up and you’ll walk away from him. Maybe you’ll screw up and he’ll walk away from you. Either way, I want to thank one of you right now if that is the case

As for me, I’m working on myself. My past experiences haven’t quite worked out in my favor. I’ve been caught up in this world of appealing women, drinks every weekend, and focusing on things that don’t even matter. If I were to approach you now, you’d probably fall in love with me. The problem is you’d begin to notice how selfish I could be. You’d begin to notice that I’m different from all the other guys in this world, but for some reason I just suddenly begin to act just like them. You’d notice that I wouldn’t put you first, even though at the bottom of my heart I want to. It’s for those reasons that I’m working on myself; waiting. Waiting for the immaturity, stupidity, selfishness, and lust to pass. Waiting to get my shit together, maybe go to college and graduate, or start my own business, or just simply be at a comfortable place that I can give you my undivided attention, connect with you fully, and give it all to you.

Until then, hopefully you’re doing what you have to do in order to be ready for me. Ready for love. Ready to live life. Ready to move in with me and make love in every room. Like on the kitchen counter while you reach over and open the fridge to grab a drink. Anyways, I just want you to know that I know you’re out there somewhere, and that I’m getting ready for you….