Future, Take Time Oh! (Broken English)

Hey Future,

2015 was the best year of your career! Dirty Sprite was a massive success and you’ve crossed over into the mainstream in a big way. I know the pressure is there to deliver great music. Now, there is added pressure to deliver great music consistently, all the time, to demanding fans, that are as forgetful as they are excited. You released Beast Mode, 56 Nights, DS2, What A Time To Be Alive and Purple Reign in one year! As old Liberian women would say: “Take time my child.”

The #FutureHive are some of the best fans around, they won’t leave you if you take six months to put together a thoughtful and well-crafted album. For every March Madness, there’s a dud that fluffs up a tracklist and is never listened to again. Purple Reign has disappeared quicker than you revealed it, and you’re already talking about the next project.

The best artists take their time to create great, long lasting music. There are only rare instances where you strike lightning and record a “Blueprint”  caliber album in a short timeframe. What made Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly so special was that you could hear that he took his time with every part of that album. From lyrics, to production, to sequencing. Everything was created with career and time. WATTBA was fun, but only some songs rose to the top while others were swept under the rug. If more time was dedicated to it, than maybe the entire album could’ve been Jumpman-quality.

Take a second, go see Baby Future, celebrated 2015, then put together one great album for the summer and relax. You’ve earned it.


Kabir O. Lambo


I’m writing a letter that you’ll literally never read, so yeah.

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