Freeway Ricky Ross Losing His Own Name To Rapper Rick Ross

On March 29 Freeway Ricky Ross appeared in a Los Angeles County Superior Court where for a second time he lost the legal battle for the rights to his own name in a trademark infringement suit he filed on rapper born William Leonard Roberts in 2010 for $10 Million.

“I feel that the law has let me down. I feel not only have they let me down, but they’ve let down the black community as a whole. You have these people going around portraying us in an image that’s not what we are. I didn’t sell drugs so I could sit in everybody’s face, drive around in a Rolls-Royce and wear big gold chains. I sold drugs because I was poor, illiterate, didn’t know any better and had no other opportunities.”

When people are losing their rightful names to rapper’s born with their own and for nothing more than to glorify a life of selling drugs and violence the direction the world is headed towards is questioned. Rick Ross glorifies a life he’s never lived, a life he steered away from by attending college and becoming a correctional officer. It’s a shame dudes like Freeway Rick Ross who carry a positive message get set back and unfairly judged while the ones sending the wrong ones continue to get funded. Freeway Rick Ross planned on using his past to steer kids away from drugs and also stated that Rick Ross’ music was against his morals and values. “They talk about murder and mayhem as if it’s a sport and that’s not what we are about and that’s not what our people are about.”

I say all that to say watch who you support and really listen to their message and not just the edgy beat. Realistically whats more impressionable than a child and though it sounds cliche children are the future and whats a future tainted with drugs, sex, and violence?

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