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Last night, I was scrolling through twitter feeling a little lost. Was this tumblr? Here I was, lost in the trending topic #Free2Flaunt.

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Women are back at it again. Claiming ownership of their body, defying critics and haters alike. And of course there were haters. Haters are good for keeping the world balanced.

It all started when Master of Controversy Kim Kardashian West posted a throwback mirror selfie nude. I mean, Kim wrote the book on selfies, so she’s a good person to scope out when you’re trying to learn something new. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a good nude? Despite Kim K’s innocent indulgence in her trademarked form of self expression, people like Bette Midler decided to chime in for all the haters who could not possibly stay in their lanes.

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Maybe she was just trying to be funny. Either way, this tweet and many others only inspired what we now recognize to be the trending topic #Free2Flaunt.

Growing up, women are taught to keep their bodies a secret…to preserve it for their worthy male partner. Cover up your cleavage, don’t wear anything too clingy. All things I heard growing up from friends and family alike. You’d think that D cup boobs would be something to be proud of in high school. I remember buying this cute sky blue v-neck from Target. My first v-neck ever. I confidently wore it to school the next day only to be chastised in Calculus. “Jennifer, your boobs are out!!” my classmate scolded me in harsh whispers. I mean, yeah, I knew they were out, but I didn’t realize it was a bad thing. My nipples weren’t showing, I thought I was being decent! Reluctantly, I pulled the V of my shirt up and continued to pull it up. A nasty habit that prevails to this day.

I was kind of hoping men would take part in this TT, but I guess they’re not as inclined to liberate their bodies via twitter. Makes sense. I have some of my own body party pictures that I’d be #free2flaunt, buuuuut, I’ll save that for tumblr. ;)

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