[REBLOG] Independence Day: Frank Ocean Speaks Out About His Sexuality

Below is a nice piece that Sabrina wrote expressing her feelings and thoughts on the Frank Ocean rumors and his sexuality. Read Below.

Trailblazer: (n.) one that lights a trail for others to follow. See Also: Frank Ocean.

In a beautifully written, emotional piece released on his Tumblr, Frank Ocean expresses his feelings for a man. He calls him his first love and thanks him for the lessons that he has taught him. According to Ocean, the piece was supposed to be inserted into his CD’s as the thank you portion but he decided that it was best to comment on the rumors that have been swirling about his sexuality before then.
The opinions of the online community have been all over the place on this topic. We have one end that supports his coming out and then we have the opposition that is against listening to his music with thoughts that it may be about men. My opinion? Well…
To me, we each have our own version of love. Many of us are in love with the opposite sex and have been ruined by relationships, just as there are very healthy and happy gay relationships. If well-crafted lyrics by Frank Ocean speak to you- it does not matter who they are about. You can listen to Mary J or SWV speak about men and appreciate the love in the song. That’s the beauty of music.
You’ve listened to songs about selling rock and I’m sure that you don’t live that life. Music is a story that can transport you out of your mundane reality. It can add color to your emotions and a backdrop to your every day.
In my opinion, I feel the need to salute the talented Frank Ocean for stepping out in a community where we close the door on reality and saying, “it is what it is.” Frank Ocean is will be a true hero to many people who have been afraid to speak out.
I went to a diversity summit two years back and a Hispanic student spoke about coming out to his parents about his relationship with men. He said, “I didn’t know how to explain it. They get racism because they feel it too. I can’t come home and my mom say, ‘I don’t love you because you’re Spanish.’ But she so easily said, ‘I don’t love you… because you’re gay. But this is who I am.”
I hope this changes the climate in the Urban Music Community. I hope it teaches tolerance. I hope those who speak out ignorantly on social media sites get the opportunity to read his piece.

Happy Independence Day, Frank.

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