Foam Party Men 1

What To Wear To A Foam Party (By: @ComplexityofLES)

Dear Concerned Party-Goers,

As we all should know by now, this Saturday is the highly anticipated pool party hosted by Sorry4TheBlog, #DrinkingAndDiving. I’m very confident that we all know what to wear to a pool party but I know what you’re thinking… “what do I possibly wear to the REBELReveled foam after party?!”  Aaahhh, I know…  it’s a stressful thing to think about but let me give you a few ideas.

Ladies,  you can’t go wrong with some cool denim shorts.  You can pair the shorts with a one piece swim suit or even a bikini top. If you want to be modest, pair your shorts with a crop top or a light weight knit tank top. (FYI: If you’re wearing the crop top or tank don’t forget that you’ll more than likely get wet, so wear a bra.)

Foam Party Look 1

Guys, this summer has definitely been the summer of tank tops.  Express your creative style through your tank.  A really cool graphic or even a cool print would be right on trend.  Ok, so you’re probably thinking… “what should I where for bottoms?!” Well, I have just the solution. During my travels in Miami, I coveted these really cool style of graphic swim trunks.  They were being worn as shorts throughout the day but they are meant for swim.

Foam Party Men 1


Foam Party Men 3



So these were some of my ideas for potential outfits to wear to the REBELReveled Foam Party. Good luck on your shopping journey and keep this information in mind as you shop. You don’t have to take my advice but don’t say I didn’t tell you. Trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you.

Lesly Laurenceau