Floyd Mayweather’s Thoughts On Jeremy Lin

I don’t think the fact that he’s asian is the reason why people we are talking about him. It definitely adds to it, but that’s not why. For two games earlier this year we were talking about Norris Cole of the heat when he played well, closing out two games. The reason why we stopped talking about Cole is because

  1. He didn’t keep it up. Maybe because he wasn’t given the chance.. but still
  2. He wouldn’t be able to carry the Heat to MULTIPLE wins like Lin has

We’re talking about Lin because the Knicks are doing better right now as he’s carrying this team WITHOUT CARMELO and AMARE. We’re talking about LIN because he’s damn good and he hasn’t failed YET.. We’re Talking about Lin because we just love that face paced type game, with a PG that he is. AFTER those things, we add in the fact that he’s asian..