Flanny & The Professor w/ @YeahFlanny & @ProfessorCorria (Special Guest: @unBLEEvable_)

On a new episode of Flanny & The Professor we have the lovely Janet Kelly as our special guest! She enters the Batcave to talk all about the latest in Sports and Pop culture. We start with Dez Bryant and his new multi-year, multi million dollar deal, the terrible money habits of NFL players, and standouts from the the Basketball Summer League. Then things getting interesting when we chat with Janet about Ciara and Russell Wilson . We answer tough questions like: Is Ciara an opportunist? Is Future bigger than Ciara? When did Future get so popular? And how long will Cici and Wilson last? Then they tackle Draya and Orlando’s train wreck of a relationship. We end off by recapping the ESPY’s, going over highlights and best dressed men and women. Caitlyn Jenner is obviously the biggest story coming out of the ESPYs and the guys discuss if she deserved The Authur Ashe Award and Janet gives insight into the effects of Caitlyn’s transition on Kylie Jenner.

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