Look 4 The Week: Finals Week


Whether you have already graduated or are still in school like me, we all know that Finals Week is the most dreaded and stressful week of the semester. I call this week “Zombie Week” for the simple fact that everyone is roaming around campus exhausted from pulling all nighters and cramming, throwing the first thing on that they see, and always having coffee. But this year I’ve come to you with a few tips to help you look and feel comfortable but fashionable like the YouTuber Alyssa Forever (above).

1. Sweat pants and Leggings are your best friend! 

You want to be as comfortable as possible, sweats are your best bet. They give you room and keep you warm and can also be trendy like joggers. Ladies, if you are not a sweatpants type of girl than an alternative you can wear is leggings, they can make your outfit look more feminine. Instead of just regular leggings, get edgier and wear high waisted or graphic printed leggings.

2. Stylish Sneakers

Sneakers will not hurt your feet and  will add flare to your outfit. Make your shoes the highlight of your outfit.

3. Layering

Pair your favorite graphic tee with a comfy flannel or sweatshirt. Layers will keep you warm and will show that you’ve some what thought about how your outfit will look all together. If you want to go the extra mile, put on a bomber jacket.

4. Accessorize

Accessories always make or break an outfit. Keep it simple with a hat,  nice watch, earrings or a necklace to put the finishing touch on your Finals Week look.


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