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FILA 2016 Spring/Summer “Black Line” Collection

Shame on you if you thought FILA was dead.

This is the same brand that was the source of your middle school jokes; if you were sporting a pair of FILAs you could count on a quick roast during math class – but this time around, they’re dropping a look that fits the fashion trends of today, and I must say, I appreciate the comeback.

‘Black Line’ will revisit the brand’s nostalgic catalog from the ’80s and ’90s. The collection playfully integrates the oversized “baggy” trends of the ’90s across both men and womenswear.

The FILA ‘Black Line’ Collection is set to launch throughout February and March 2016 and will be available at FILA UK online, as well as select stockists.

If you could use some color in your closet, remember FILA.

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