Rihanna is up to something!

Earlier this week, Rihanna and her team appeared on Snapchat in Paris — NBD right?

Well if you happen to have any knowledge within the fashion industry, follow Rih via social media and read Vogue Mag — then you’d know that Paris Fashion Week started yesterday (September 27th) and ends October 5th. With the FENTYxPUMA collaboration remaining a hot topic, there’s no doubt in my mind that this specific event won’t be ICONIC! In recent interviews, Rihanna has stated her approach and concept for this season will be totally different from what we’ve seen before and I honestly can’t wait to view this collection. I have a feeling that after she presents her Spring 2017 FENTYxPUMA collection tomorrow, Paris is going to feel more like #PaRIH!

For more video updates be sure to follow Rihanna on Snapchat, Instagram and tune in today at 1:30p to watch her show stream live on TIDAL!

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