My Favorite Video Of All-Time

Michael Jackson was an incredibly talented human being with amazing people surrounding him throughout his career. The legacy built around his existence and music has put him on a pedestal only seen by The Beatles and Elvis before him.  He has created several of the best videos ever, but Smooth Criminal would have to be my personal favorite. Almost every frame of this video is iconic from the coin flip at the beginning or the infamous lean in the third act. The video works for the song so much because on its own, its alright at best. The choreography is top notch and the costume designed is incredible. The white suit, white hat, blue shirt combo worked perfectly. When I was growing up Michael Jackson was more of a myth than an actual person. So when I watched this video I wholeheartedly believed he could perform the lean executed in the video. The simple dance move he does at the 1:55 mark still gets me. This is also one of his darkest videos as he shoots a guy who fazzes into a brick wall. Michael crushes a pool ball and blows the dust in a guys face before that. Its all strange especially the part where the song stops and they all break into a “Annie Are You Ok?” chat. It last more than a minute before they bust out into a well done finale. He even gives us a quick moonwalk. If I were ever to make a list of my favorite videos this would always be on the top. I’ve seen a ton of great videos in my day, but this one has left a lasting impression.