Family & Friends Remember Providence’s Fallen Officer: Maxwell Dorley [Video]

As ignorant or inconsiderate as we may be to police officers when they pull us over or when we aren’t happy with them correcting our family and friends, you must respect their job. Their job is to protect us and save our lives, and sometimes in the process of doing so, they lose their lives. R.I.P Officer Dorley

Providence Police Officer Maxwell Dorley died Thursday morning when his cruiser crashed while he was rushing to help two other officers.
But Dorley’s messages of persistence, loyalty and friendship will live in the hearts and minds of his children, wife and fellow officers.
“Life has not limits,” Dorley would tell his children, his widow, Kou Dorley recalls in a providencejournal.com video.
He was particular about letting his son, Robert, know that he should set goals, do his best, and that he should always be himself.
“Don’t try to be someone you’re not,” he would tell his children.
His daughter, Amanda, says, “My dad was my number one fan. He was their for my first dance recital and my last dance recital.”

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