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Guest Blog: Fall Fashion Inspiration (By: Lesly Laurenceau)

Fall Inspiration

As the fall season quickly approaches, we find ourselves in a scurry to find the latest trends and styles. For many of us, this turns into quite the challenge. We all know that there are sartorially challenged people out there with major outfit struggles. The outfits that I have unfortunately seen in my lifetime have sent me to church to repent on their behalf. God may forgive them for their poor choices but I do not.
There are times when we find ourselves asking; is this trend still in style? Will this trend transition into the fall? What items are going to keep me ahead of the curve? I have considered that possibly some people are confused. Therefore, many times we look to several stars or musicians for guidance. However, how do we know the who’s who of fashion and style?

Fashion enthusiasts, (such as myself) turn to the September issues of fashion magazines. Months and months of trend forecasting and fashion analysis is acquired to determine what’s in and who is the person or people to watch for.

For women, the magazine that you may want to consider as a reference is the Vogue September Issue. This issue is undisputedly “The Bible” of fashion. The dream girl herself, Lady Gaga will grace the cover of this year’s September issue. This is her second time on the cover of Vogue and there is plenty more to know about Gaga. This time around Gaga is on a world tour and she is launching her brand new scent. It’s coined as the most innovative perfume in the last two decades but do not always believe everything you hear. It literally stinks! It is innovative because it is made of semen and blood. I’m sure there are some scantily clad women who would not realize the difference but for the rest of you, stay away from Gaga’s new fragrance. Also, Vogue is unleashing their special anniversary issue celebrating 120 years of style. This issue will include stars, models, editors, designers, musicians and many more who greatly influence the moment. One person I’m happy to see recognized is Solange Knowles. I have always believed that Solange’s style is far more interesting than her sister Beyonce but we all know how difficult it is to live behind the enormous shadow of her sister. Also, included in this issue is the fall fashions, 916 pages of fall fashion to be exact. So, there should be no excuses moving forward. This issue will certainly contain many advertisements however the overall value is worth the purchase.

For men, the magazine of choice is none other than Gentlemen’s Quarterly Magazine. GQ magazine is absolutely the guide to life for men. The great thing about GQ is every type of guy imaginable can find something that interest them in the magazine. There’s a section for News & Politics, Style, Cars, Entertainment and of course Sports. With the return of the NFL, GQ unleashes their NFL Kick-Off issue. This issue is graced by two amazing Quarterbacks, the “Sunday Savior” himself, Tim Tebow and the Quarterback of the future, Cam Newton. Even though Cam used to back up Tebow in college, I think it is safe to say who the better QB of the two really is. Either way, GQ will show us an interesting perspective on both QB’s and of course the best fall fashions.

Voilà! All of your concerns/questions have been answered. Fashion magazines have always been a great source of information and will always be. Don’t only refer to them in September but throughout the year as well. When these issues hit the stores don’t hesitate to purchase one, I assure you it will be a great read. Trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you.

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