The Future Brunchtion – Eggs Over Future (By: @JillianKweller)

Our friend Jillian Kweller, over at California Fever, wrote about her experience at Eggs Over Future and we thought we would share her unique perspective on the event. Head over to for The Brunch Bunch series and more!IMG_1319Do me a favor real quick and imagine yourself at the most poppin’ day party on a Sunday afternoon. Let’s make sure you didn’t forget your choice of booze, endless chicken, and waffles, and going dumb with all your friends.

—–> Most. Lit. Function. Ever.

I can’t make this stuff up people. The Eggs Over series is the real deal. Eggs Over Future was my first experience and it’s the start of a new movement on the east coast. Young professionals of different races gathered together with smiles plastered on their faces, enjoying every second of life. I literally saw Oakland (my hometown) flash before my eyes when I was watching these well-dressed, beautiful and welcoming people jump up and down when March Madness started playing — straight vibing. Eggs Over is based out of Providence, R.I., but is on its way across the country. Shoutout to Stay Silent, the founders — a gf and bf duo who work together to host creative projects and events among the young community. Sabrina and Jason aka DJ Where’s Nasty? can be found at Trade Pop-Up — their storefront in Providence that is dedicated to homegrown and local brands.

The Future Brunction (brunch+fuction…see what I did there?) was one of many. They’ve hosted Eggs Over Yeezy, The Roc, Bad Boy, and more pictured above. If you want to be part of the movement, please click the link below for a calendar of Stay Silent’s upcoming events.

Hope to see you soon! xoxo

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