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Why Drake’s Dad’s New Music Is A Big Deal

The most popular rapper of this generation, might end up being featured on his Dad’s forthcoming album. Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, has a snippet of his new song “Kinda Crazy” floating around the internet and it’s pretty good. It reminds me of all the old folks who say “Boy back in my day…” If you listen to the clip below, you’ll see that it sounds very much like something recorded in 2016, accompanied by Graham’s old school style and vocals.

So Drake’s dad’s singing… Cool. Think about that for a second. Can you imagine the hottest artist right now possibly being featured on his dad’s album? Still doesn’t seem like a big deal? Let’s take a minute to break it down. Here are some reasons why Dennis Graham’s new music is a big deal.

If you’re like me, then part of the reason you work hard is to make your parents proud and to ‘hopefully’ not have them work anymore. Well not only did Drake do that, he also allowed his dad to have a music career. Now I’m not saying Dennis doesn’t have a good voice or enough talented to be a successful artist on his own, but at his age today, it’s highly unlikely that he would be kicking off his musical career if it wasn’t for Drizzy.

The Second reason why Dennis’ new music is a big deal is because it would be insane if Drake dropped an album around the same time that his dad dropped an album…. Think about that for a minute. Not only could that very well happen, but there’s also a real big possibility that the Father and Son duo may both have #1 albums on a chart at the same damn time.

The final reason why Dennis Graham’s new music is a big deal is because his single, “Kinda Crazy” seems like just a sample of the Gap Bridging music that he is about to create. The single is definitely something some of us young folks wouldn’t mind listening to. At the same time, this is something that people around Dennis’ age will love.

This is a bigger deal than we think y’all.

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