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#BleesNews: Drake At Kentucky Madness

For those of us who have been following Drake since Degrassi, we know that he has always had hoop dreams. Before Jimmy (Drake) got shot on the show, he was the basketball star at his school. Drake brought those dreams to life last night when he hosted Kentucky’s Madness Event. Kentucky University is one of the big name basketball schools in the country, so of course they went all out for their MADNESS. Drake has been supporting Kentucky basketball for years now, so it was only right to have him host this event. Drake hung out with Kentucky’s men basketball team before the madness. Later that evening he was given an opportunity to go from a fan to an actual player. He got a chance to shoot around with the team and even introduced the coach. Kentucky’s Madness even made ‘Live SnapChat’ and left a lot of other college students jealous. Drake didn’t stop there, he showed the women’s team love too by putting them on his Instagram, along with the men’s basketball team. Say whatever you want about Drake’s wildcats fandom, Kentucky players loved every second of it. Im pretty sure you would too, if you went to Kentucky University.

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