Detroit (Trailer)

The summer of 1967 is the impetus for the racial and social upheaval that is depicted in the movie Detroit. The movie actually follows the events and then the police interrogations afterwards. I am pretty sure we are going to see tactics that are still being used by police all over the country. There has always been turmoil between police and the Black citizens, a in this country, a pseudo power struggle. Black people have always been portrayed as powerful beyond measure while police who normally hold power, live in a state of fear and reckless behavior. They fear the Black man because the Black man is the second most powerful and mystical figure seen with the naked eye, first being Black woman. The police will continue to use structural power over the body of Black people because they truly cannot begin to comprehend what Black people would do if they were free to organize power. History will repeat itself and the fight for power will ensue. Detroit will officially hit theaters August 4th. Watch trailer below.

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